• Question: Whye can you stop sickness with computer

    Asked by harveyg2008 to Yee Whye, Valerie, Nick, Mackenzie, Lin, Jun, Jacob, Brian, Anna on 18 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Mackenzie Graham

      Mackenzie Graham answered on 18 Nov 2019:

      Computers can help us to recognize illnesses faster, which means that people can get treatment sooner. So we can stop sickness from getting worse using computers, but I don’t think we can cure illnesses with computers (yet!)

    • Photo: Valerie Bradley

      Valerie Bradley answered on 19 Nov 2019:

      +1 to what Mackenzie said! I think you can also use computers / statistics to map the spread of contagious diseases to keep them from infecting new people. And you can use AI for “drug discovery,” or to help design new drug compounds that will be likely to be successful at treating diseases. Computers are also used to store patients’ medical histories, so it’s easier for doctors to understand all the factors that might be contributing to a current injury or illness. Computers are everywhere in medicine helping doctors treat illnesses!