• Question: Has your passion for Science made you have greater success in AI and other aspects?

    Asked by mjs11 to Yee Whye, Valerie, Nick, Mackenzie, Lin, Jun, Jacob, Brian, Anna on 19 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Valerie Bradley

      Valerie Bradley answered on 19 Nov 2019:

      Yes, I definitely think it has! I mostly work on applications relating to politics, about which I am very passionate. I think that my passion helps keep me motivated when things get tough, and helps me be more creative in how I approach problems. I also think it helps make me a more effective communicator of my work, which I think is SUPER important.

    • Photo: Mackenzie Graham

      Mackenzie Graham answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      Absolutely! I think it is much easier to have success in things you are interested in, because you want to learn more about it, and really think about the new questions and problems you discover. Plus, the skills you develop (reasoning through a problem, communicating your ideas) apply to lots of other areas, both in research and in life!