• Question: do you think that technology is the way forward for humanity? :)

    Asked by nathanthomas to Yee Whye, Valerie, Nick, Mackenzie, Lin, Jun, Jacob, Brian, Anna on 14 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Brian Zhang

      Brian Zhang answered on 14 Nov 2019:

      wow, very philosophical question 🙂 i think technology has brought a lot of benefits in the 20th century, like eradicating a lot of diseases and helping people live longer. in our century (21st) i think we’re starting to see the excesses of technology, like climate change (which only picked up in the 19th century due to the industrial revolution), and the depersonalizing effects of technology, where adults can get food / groceries delivered to them and not need to get to know their community. i think values and ethics are just as important as technology for the way forward — for me that comes from a Christian faith, but it could also be from other religions, humanism, effective altruism, or any other value system that encourages compassion