Curiosity Zone: Who’s taking part?

Curiosity Carnival

This September, students at Oxfordshire schools will be interacting with 22 researchers from the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University in the Curiosity Carnival Zone of I’m a Researcher.

Between 11th– 29th September school students will put the researchers through their paces in fast-paced live chats and probing questions on everything from the Ottoman Empire, to how babies learn language, to how they became academic researchers in the first place.

Each student will then vote for their favourite researcher and determine the five going through to the LIVE FINAL taking place at Oxford Curiosity Carnival on European Researchers Night, Friday 29th September. Read more about the I’m a Researcher Live Final.

Oxfordshire schools taking part:

  • Fitzharry’s School – Science classes
  • Henry Box School – English and Engineering classes
  • Oxford Academy – History, Geography, Psychology and  D & T classes
  • Rye St Antony School – Biology and Tutor group classes
  • St Gregory the Great Catholic School – Science, R.E., Geography and History classes
  • Wheatley Park School – Science, Maths, Computing and History classes
  • Wood Green School – Science classes

The researchers taking part:

Tom Higham

School subjects related to: History, Physics, Science

I use scientific dating methods to explore when and where Neanderthals disappeared from the world and what role modern humans like us had in that process.
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Sarah Finnegan

School subjects related to: Biology, Psychology

We try to uncover how the brain organises the colour, shape and motion using tiny maps.
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Sam Parsons

School subjects related to: Computing, Psychology, Maths

I’m working on computer tasks that tap into what brain processes might make some people more resilient to stress and mental illness than others.
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Sami Miaari

School subjects related to: Geography, History

The economic causes and consequences of conflict
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Sabina Fiolna

School subjects related to: History, Geography, Biology

I’m reading about dwarf mammoths in Siberia and 2000-year-old mud from lake bottoms in Turkey to say if people exercised naked and ate bananas.
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Rohan Kapitany

School subjects related to: R.E, History, Psychology

I’m trying to figure out how ideas move between heads, and how that changes our behaviour and why rituals are so important to people.
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Raquel Pinacho

School subjects related to: Chemistry, Biology, Science

I look into how neurons in different brain areas talk to each other to produce our emotions.
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Priyanka Dhopade

School subjects related to: Maths, Physics, Engineering

Jet engines get hot; the bits inside can break or melt; I make sure they don’t.
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Pawan Kumar

School subjects related to: Chemistry, Biology

I am making new medicines for treating deadly diseases.
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Patrick Esser

School subjects related to: Biology, Computing, Maths

I help people with brain injuries, by playing with cool gadgets such as smart-tattoos and phone apps!
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Ophélie Lebrasseur

School subjects related to: History, Biology

I am an archaeologist who tries to answer questions about our past. To do so, I use DNA (the blueprint of all living things) of old animal bones to understand how they first travelled across Europe. [Click through to read full profile]

Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez

School subjects related to: English, Psychology

I try to understand how babies learn their language so quickly and effortlessly
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Mary-Kay Thompson

School subjects related to: Biology, Chemistry

I want to learn how young fruit fly brains grow into adult brains and how they know when to stop growing.
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Martin Pickup

School subjects related to: R.E.

I teach and research in philosophy, looking at questions about the fundamental nature of things.
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Mario Collura

School subjects related to: Physics, Computing, Maths

I work on how the microscopic world replies after you kicked it,  the dynamics of “quantum” (strange) systems.
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Kanta Dihal

School subjects related to: English, Physics

I study literature and physics to find out how to explain very difficult topics, such as quantum physics, to people who aren’t physicists.
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Joel Butler

School subjects related to: History

I look at how men in tights and men in turbans made deals between England and the Ottomans (sort of Turks) in the Tudor times.
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Imogen Goold

School subjects related to: R.E., Biology

Do you own your own body?
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Gergely Rost

School subjects related to: Maths, Biology

I am using mathematics to figure out the best ways to fight infectious diseases, such as the flu, measles or malaria.
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Daniel Brown

School subjects related to: Computing, Maths, Biology

I create intelligent and personalised decision support systems for patients with type 1 diabetes
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Arianna Ponzini

School subjects related to: Geography

I interview Chinese families who have moved to a different city and see what their new life is like!
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Andreas Zoettl

School subjects related to: Biology, Physics

I want to know how bacteria move in the human body, and how mucus trap them and stop them doing bad things!
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