• Question: What is it like being a reasearcher???

    Asked by harveyg2008 to Yee Whye on 16 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Yee Whye Teh

      Yee Whye Teh answered on 16 Nov 2019:

      I find being a researcher exciting. It’s like being an explorer venturing out into the unknown, and finding things out that others haven’t seen before. It is hard work though, because there are no answers that others can give you (they don’t know either!) so you have to find everything out yourselves.

      In terms of everyday things that we do: we spend a lot of time reading papers about what others have discovered, discussing and arguing with each other about who’s right, thinking, programming on computers, presenting our findings to others. And for the more senior researchers, we often spend a lot of time guiding and mentoring more junior researchers, and spending time organising and making sure that other researchers are enabled to do what they want to do.