• Question: what is the curiosity carnival?

    Asked by saman on 26 Sep 2017.
    • Photo: Sam Parsons

      Sam Parsons answered on 26 Sep 2017:


      this probably answers the question better than I can. Don’t miss the OCEAN lab (people from my research group) stall called Do you see what I see. There will be loads of other really interesting things there too – also dont miss the live final of I’m a Researcher 🙂

    • Photo: Kanta Dihal

      Kanta Dihal answered on 26 Sep 2017:

      There’ll be events all over Oxford this Friday. I’ll be in the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon, using Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books to explain quantum physics, and in the evening everyone should come to the I’m a Researcher final!

    • Photo: Martin Pickup

      Martin Pickup answered on 27 Sep 2017:

      It’s a day of public activities to showcase research in Oxford. Sam’s put the link already– check it out. As well as the live final of I’m a Researcher there are loads of excellent events (I’m one of the living library books in the evening!) so come along if you can. And tell other people too!

    • Photo: Andreas Zoettl

      Andreas Zoettl answered on 27 Sep 2017:

      And: after the final of I’m a Researcher @Weston Library you will have the chance to talk to researchers in the ‘living library’ starting from 7pm. Some of us, including me, will be there:

    • Photo: Pawan Kumar

      Pawan Kumar answered on 27 Sep 2017:

      I think Sam and all others already have explained this very nicely. Come along to see us and also other activities. I am also doing a walking tour through science park.

    • Photo: Priyanka Dhopade

      Priyanka Dhopade answered on 27 Sep 2017:

      The others have answered this question really well – I just popped in to say, come and see me at the Living Library event at the Weston Library! I’ll be answering questions about what makes jet engines cool 🙂

    • Photo: Sarah Finnegan

      Sarah Finnegan answered on 27 Sep 2017:

      Its the opportunity to see what people are working on in Oxford, meet researchers and generally spark your interest to ask more questions I hope!

    • Photo: Raquel Pinacho

      Raquel Pinacho answered on 28 Sep 2017:

      I think all the other researchers have beautifully answered this question already!
      Come and join us celebrate research in Oxford! 😉
      The Living Library will also be a nice opportunity to meet some of us and other researchers. Would like to know more about neurons? Find me in the Living Library after 8pm!