• Question: what research have you found out about brain injuries

    Asked by natalieandkristel to Patrick on 21 Sep 2017.
    • Photo: Patrick Esser

      Patrick Esser answered on 21 Sep 2017:

      Hi Natalie and Kristel,

      We have been doing research into brain injuries in my research group for a long time. It would take more than just one internet website to list the findings in detail. But it comes down to the following interesting points:
      * We now know that movement can be a marker of the type of brain injury
      * We can predict how people will decline or recover over time from a 10-metre instrumented walk
      * We know that what clinicians perceive as being a problem, does not line up with problems real people experience once they have a brain injury
      * We have an early indicator that not all treatment provided by clinicians is optimal for people with brain injuries as they are not personalised
      * We are aware that some areas in Europe have a better end-result when trying to help people with brain injuries to re-integrate into society

      I can talk forever about the points above, but it will give you a nice idea as to what we are working on in this area (amongst many others!)