• Question: whats your favourite part about your job

    Asked by ellyj10 to Gergely, Sarah on 22 Sep 2017. This question was also asked by younglucy07.
    • Photo: Sarah Finnegan

      Sarah Finnegan answered on 22 Sep 2017:

      Its difficult to say but I love when you spend ages working on a piece of computer code and it does exactly what you wanted it to do! When it works it can save you hours of time by speeding up your analysis.

    • Photo: Gergely Rost

      Gergely Rost answered on 27 Sep 2017:

      I like the lonely and the social parts of my work as well. I enjoy spending long hours trying to figure out something myself, and I also enjoy having lively discussions and brainstorming with my colleagues and students. It is absolutely amazing that in my work I can collaborate with brilliant minds from all across the world.