• Question: What research has challenged you most?

    Asked by hollypoudy to Priyanka, Kanta on 21 Sep 2017.
    • Photo: Kanta Dihal

      Kanta Dihal answered on 21 Sep 2017:

      My quantum physics research. I didn’t do a physics undergraduate degree, so I had to learn university-level physics when I started my quantum physics research. So I asked physics professors if I could go to their lectures, and I learned a LOT online. Seriously, Khan Academy, edX, those kinds of websites were essential.
      I basically had to do all that learning while writing my 300-page book that will hopefully give me a PhD soon, and that was a lot more work than I’d expected when I started this…

    • Photo: Priyanka Dhopade

      Priyanka Dhopade answered on 22 Sep 2017:

      The research I did during my postgraduate degree challenged me the most, as it had never been done before and there weren’t many people around me doing similar research. So, I had to teach myself a lot of things (from textbooks, and the internet) and really persevere.
      My research was trying to create a computer model of the blades on a jet engine, that can predict the flow of air and the vibration of the blade at the same time. This could help improve the safety of today’s jet engine blades, so that they don’t break when the aeroplane is flying!