• Question: how do you think the world originated

    Asked by shubdeep to Martin on 25 Sep 2017.
    • Photo: Martin Pickup

      Martin Pickup answered on 25 Sep 2017:

      Hi! Thanks for the question: it’s a really good one that philosophers are still arguing about!

      What I think is that the world was created, and in particular I think the world was created by something pretty similar to the God that Christians, Jews and Muslims talk about. I think this because I think the world had to come from somewhere and the other options don’t sounds good. But this also depends on other reasons I think I have for believing in God.

      But loads and loads of philosophers (probably most of them) don’t agree with me. So they pick one of the other options, like that the world has always been there so didn’t originate at all, or that there is a whole multiverse of other worlds and ours is just one of them.

      What do you think? It’s an important and difficult question! Feel free to ask me some more. I’ll also be at the live event on Friday, in case you’re coming (I can give you more details if you like).