• Question: What is the rank sergeant 17th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment?

    Asked by anon-1648 to Walter Tull on 8 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Walter Tull

      Walter Tull answered on 8 Oct 2022:

      A Sergeant is a senior non-commissioned officer within a platoon of 50 men. He works with the platoon commander to make sure the men are all ready for action, with clean kit and working weapons, as well as making sure the men are looked after and healthy too. Sergeants help with training, and often led the platoon’s bayonet men when storming an enemy trench.

      17th Battalion Middlesex Regiment was a new army battalion, raised through 1914 and 1915, and was known as the 1st Footballers’ battalion, with lots of players and supporters from London in the ranks. The Middlesex regiment were known as the ‘Die-Hards’.